Free Blogger Backgrounds (Seamless Patterns) Check/ Plaid


When you're designing your own blog, it can be difficult finding high quality backgrounds that sit correctly on the page. What you need is a 'seamless pattern' these can be repeated (a lot like regular wallpaper that you'd hang in your house) and the pattern will still match up. If your pattern isn't seamless it will look like ugly squares rather than a complete pattern. A lot of seamless patterns you can find online are watermarked as you have to pay for them, and so I've created a few in different colours for you to use (just save the file you'd like directly from this post) These are 100% free for your own personal use, and you can point anyone who's looking something similar to this page.

When using a patterned background I recommend turning off 'scroll with background' as it can look distracting. Lots more freebies (including seamless patterns with different designs) will be coming up so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin if you don't want to miss out!

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