My Favourite Free Fonts


There's an absolutely insane amount of free fonts around, and so if you're just starting out with designing it can be difficult whittling them down. Choosing the fonts for your blog is a big part of the design process, you want something that looks professional while still showing a bit of personality too. Sometimes when you see samples of fonts they look like they'll be nice but turn out to be rubbish when you download and start using them, and so there's a lot of trial and error sifting through the good from the bad. In order to give you some ideas of fonts that look nice and are completely free to use, I've narrowed mine down to the top six. I've chosen three fancier script fonts and three caps fonts which work well with them. If you're using more than one font in your blog's header, go for one script font and one simple font- this is because the contrast between the two styles compliments each other. You can use third party fonts on a number of editing programmes, I use Photoshop but if you're after something free you can use GIMP or download a free trial of Photoshop or Illustrator.

What are your favourite free fonts?

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